Street Football

Télé Images Kids

> TV show
Service : Pre-production / compositing

26x26'. Seasons 1, 2, 3. 2007-2009. 8-12 year olds. Comedy-adventure.


Broadcasters: France 3, Rai, Gulli

Producer: Télé Images Productions


Tag, Gabriel, Eloise, Tarek and Nordine wish to set up the first ever street football World Cup in their town, Port Marie. For their dream to come true, they'll have to overcome many obstacles, and especially to defeat the distrust some inhabitants feel towards foreign colored children. 


Directors: Stéphane Roux and Bruno Bligoux

Creators: Marco Beretta and Serge Rosenzweig


Inspired by Stefano Benni's book: La Compagnie des Célestins - Actes Sud